I originally set up  The Dweebster  as part of a New Year’s Resolution to write more, to explore more of the ‘interwebz’ and to have a reason to drink more coffee whilst pacing nervously around the computer.  Unfortunately, in the last year, my idea of a caffeine infused blogosphere got reduced to an occasional reblog of other posts.

I really want to get addicted to writing again. I want it to be my vice. I also realize that when I say that, I must sound like a 19th century washed out poet who, after getting “published” in the local pub’s pamphlet (whose owner is probably a cousin)  thinks he’s arrived. But I digress. What I really need is my Dweebster to be alive and well again. It needs a theme, it needs a voice, it needs consistency. I am in the process of finding all those things in 2013.

Now sod off this moany About page and start roaming around some actual posts…


ABOUT Image Credit goes to : vk.com/artkompot

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